Imagine what you can achieve when the debilitating effects of stress are reduced. Deliver a presentation with
confidence, energy and clarity. Be more productive and energized at work. Improve your quality of life. Chillcasting
was created to help people achieve their goals and lead happy and productive lives. There are many books and
seminars available to help you understand stress and offer strategies and techniques to achieve a state of relaxation,
but our instructive audio recordings are designed to help you to feel and experience relaxation.

Chillcasting aims to be the world leader in providing online solutions for stress. Soon to be available in many
languages, chillcasting will reach a global audience, helping people around the world to manage stress effectively.
We have brought together an experienced team of accomplished professionals in the fields of technology,
psychology, education, health care, audio production and design.

Chillcasting uses proven techniques in stress reduction and prevention, while harnessing the latest in
technology, allowing listeners to achieve a state of relaxation and calm wherever and whenever they choose.

The Chillcasts are a series of instructional audio recordings that guide you through breathing and visualization
techniques. They are designed to allow your muscles to relax and to calm your mind. There is no chanting, no
mantras, just simple, effective and relaxing recordings that you can listen to at work, waiting for a flight, or as you
prepare for an important interview.

Simply choose the Chillcast that is right for you, and download it to your computer, iPod or MP3 player. The
process is as simple as downloading a song, and the chillcast is yours to keep for as long as you want it. Check out
our site for updates and new chillcasts.

Welcome to Chillcasting. The sound of relaxation.

Dr Jim Cheston

President and Co-Founder

Dr. Jim Cheston is a registered psychologist with over 15 years
experience leading individual, group, and workshop formats. He has taught people from a variety of backgrounds
the powerful benefits of understanding stress and experiencing relaxation. His
psychological practice has been strongly influenced by the emerging
area of Positive Psychology, a movement in the profession to enhance
the lives of generally well-functioning people.

From a background of facilitating positive change in challenging
circumstances, Jim is now working to enhance the lives of people
with relatively milder personal blocks using relaxation, resilience
and other strength-building interventions. One of his objectives
is to reach and assist people on a wider scale using innovative
platforms such as

David Henderson

CEO and Co-Founder

David has worked as a producer, writer and director on documentary films and television commercials
for clients such as British Telecom, Ford, Scotiabank and Royal

He was also part of an international delegation of filmmakers
who visited China to conduct feasibility studies to construct
large-format cinemas in several Chinese cities including Beijing,
Shanghai and Guilin. For Intrawest Corporation, he co-wrote a vision
statement and development plan for their Stratton Mountain ski
resort in Vermont. He holds a MPhil in International Relations from
the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and a BA in Political Studies from Bishop’s University.

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