meditation_01As a working person, stress is a constant threat. Luckily, as a busy mom who has gone through her second pregnancy,  I have been practicing meditation for some time now, and I feel more relaxed and calmer than before. Countless studies and statements like mine can genuinely attest the benefits of practicing meditation. Being thought of as for “spiritual people” and a hippy-dippy activity, meditation has been increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits. Here are some benefits of meditation:

1. Meditation helps in stress reduction

Meditation can help you lessen your stress. Stress causes numerous ailments such as high blood pressure, tensions and depression. Practicing controlled breathing allows the body to produce increased amounts of nitric oxide, which, in turn, helps to open up constricted blood vessels that leads to lowering blood pressure. Meditation can help you feel less stressed while working/performing under pressure.

2. Meditation makes you kinder to others

Meditation can make you kinder to others. It can you make you more compassionate and empathetic towards other people.

3. Meditation enhances immunity

The practice can boost your immunity since it helps reducing stress.

4. Meditation improves concentration and sharpens memory

Meditation improves your ability to focus and the ability to multitask. It helps you to concentrate more and improve your attention span. Meditation changes to brain physiology and slows down aging. It is also linked to rapid memory recall. It sharpens your memory.

5. Meditation helps your creative side flow

Because meditation improves the ability to concentrate and feel less stressed, it has been shown that it can also help you open up your creative side and help you come up with new ideas.

6. Meditation increases self-awareness and acceptance.

Meditation teaches people how to recognize anger and clear it from the mind. It helps you to become self-aware and explore your inner self. By doing so, you can know yourself better and accept your entire being.

7. Meditation increases happiness

Overall, the practice improves you physically, mentally and emotionally, or simply your overall well-being. It helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthier body. Meditation also helps you shrug off negativity and look at life more positively.


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